2012 • № 1


General Problems in the History of Science

D. N. Drozdova. The Medieval Foundations of the 17th-Century Scientific Revolution: Pierre Duhem and Alexandre Koyre on the Condemnation of 1277 and the Origins of Modern Science

From the History of Science

G. E. Kurtik. Mesopotamian Astronomers’ Introduction of the Zodiac as the Band of Constellations
A. A. Daukaev. Black Gold in the Black Mountains: From the History of Geological Explorationsin the Chechen-Ingush Region

Social History of Science

M. S. Bastrakova. Philanthropic Support for Science in Russia during the Second Half of the 19th Century

Lessons from History

O. A. Aleksandrovskaia, V. A. Shamis. Manmade Water Supply Systems in the Time of King Herod the Great
A. A. Chikunov. P. P. Pekarsky’s Work on the History of the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg

Materials for the Biographies of Scientists and Engineers

O. A. Val’kova. Interview with a Historian of Science: Unasked Questions. Materials for the Biography of Vera Aleksandrovna Varsanofieva (1889–1976)
A. V. Sobisevich. A Geodesist’s Work in the Service of the Country: New Materials about A. F. Kleshnin


Vik. P. Vizgin. Looking Back with a Book by V. P. Zubov in Hand: An Attempt at Intellectual Autobiography
M. A Glazovskaia. Recollections about David Moiseevich Novogrudsky

Discussions, Meetings and Interviews

Yu. M. Baturin. «The Progress of Knowledge Does Not Occur without Setbacks» (The Last Interview with B. E. Chertok)

Brief Communications

N. N. Kravchuk. P. S. Poretsky on the Main Problem of the Algebra of Logic
V. S. Belozerov, Yu. F. Zol’nikova. Hydrological Investigations of Mineral Springs in the North Caucasus Region during the 1870s–1880s

Book Reviews

R. V. Kuznetsova. First among Equals: Igor Vasilievich Kurchatov as Innovative Researcher, 1920–1942 (Moscow, 2010) and R. V. Kuznetsova. No Duty Higher than This: Academician I. V. Kurchatov as the Scientific Director of the Soviet Atomic Project, 1942–1960 (Moscow, 2010), reviewed by Yu. V. Sivintsev
V. I. Ivkin and G. A. Sukhina, eds. A Task of Utmost National Importance: From the History of the Establishment of Strategic Nuclear Missile Forces and their Weapons (1945–1959). A Collection of Primary Documents (Moscow, 2010), reviewed by B. N. Kantemirov
G. Oestmann. Heinrich Johann Kessels (1781–1849). Ein bedeutender Verfertiger von Chronometern und Präzisionspendeluhren. Biographische Skizze und Werkverzeichnis (Frankfurt-am-Main, 2011), reviewed by V. K. Abalakin

Academic Life

N. A. Ozerova, O. S. Romanova, V. A. Shirokova. 17th Annual Conference of the Institute History of Science and Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences
S.S.Demidov. A Meeting Dedicated to the 90th Birthday of I.<|>G.<|>Bashmakova
I. V. Lapina. The First School of Young Researchers of the Institute for History of Science and Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences
M. V. Shleeva. 84th Plenary Meeting of the Russian National Committee on the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology