2012 • № 4


S. M. Shakhrai. On the rebirth of the Russian Historical Association

The 125th Anniversary of the Birth of N. I. Vavilov

E. I. Kolchinsky, S. V. Shalimov. The «sixth continent» of N. I. Vavilov

Social History of Science

D. L. Saprykin. The history of engineering education in Russia, Europe, and the United States: Institutional developments and comparative quantitative analysis
T. I. Yusupova. Organization of expeditions by the Academy of Sciences, 1921–1930
D. Yu. Guzevich. Italian craftsmen and the first major employment of foreign specialists during the Petrine era, 1696–1699

Lessons from History

E. A. Kosmachevskaia, L. I. Gromova. «The Mechanics of the Brain»: the first documentary about conditioned reflexes

Materials for the Biographies of Scientists and Engineers 

M. I. Panasiuk, E. A. Romanovsky, A. V. Kessenikh. Academician D. I. Skobeltsyn, the organizer and director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics at Moscow State University

Museums and Institutions

. G. Krivosheina. Anatoly Petrovich Bogdanov and the founding of the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow

Essay Review

I. N. Yurkin. Metallurgy and innovation in the Ural region: a novel perspective on familiar and unfamiliar facts

Book Reviews

M. B. Konashev. The Development of T. G. Dobzhansky’s Evolutionary Theory (St. Petersburg, 2011), reviewed by E. B. Muzrukova
P. J. Bowler, I. R. Morus. Making Modern Science: A Historical Survey (Chicago; London: University of Chicago Press, 2005), reviewed by D. V. Mikhel

Academic Life

E. I. Kolchinsky. International symposium on the Lysenko affair
V. A. Snytko. Academic conference to honor the 100th jubilee of the soil scientist and geochemist M. A. Glazovskaia
N. M. Semenov. 75th anniversary of the first flight over the North Pole
The first recipients of the honorary award «For the contribution to the history of science and technology»