2012 • № 2


O. A. Valkova. The 80th Anniversary of the S. I. Vavilov Institute for the History of Science and Technology
B. E. Chertok. Address to the XXIV Planetary Congress of the Association of Space Explorers (Moscow, Russia, 5 September 2011)

From the History of Science

A. F. Smyk. The genesis of Louis de Broglie’s concept of wave-particle duality
Ya. V. Tararoev, A. Yu. Direglazov. Symmetry as a methodological principle of the modern physical sciences
T. V. Iliushina. Contributions by the Konstantin Institute of Surveying alumni to the geographical and scientific exploration of Siberia

Social History of Science

V. P. Borisov. “The father of television” under FBI surveillance: The scientist and inventor V. K. Zworykin in the 1940s

From the History of Technology

Yu.S. Dubinko, V.D. Kuskov, B.G. Mordvinov, E.L.Novikova,
V. M. Panteleev. The Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS): Episodes from the history of its design and development

Lessons from History

G. G. Krivosheina. Proceedings of the Society of Natural History, Anthropology and Ethnography as a source for history of science and technology

Materials for the Biographies of Scientists and Engineers

T. I. Uliankina.Papers by the economics professor A. N. Antsyferov in the Archive of the A. I. Solzhenitsyn House of Russia Abroad
I. E. Sirotkina. Franco-Russian chemist Victor Henri and the “extended academic family”

Museums and Institutions

I. S. Dmitriev. The Museum and Archive of D. I. Mendeleev at the 100th anniversary of its founding

Book Reviews

E. V. Pchelov. The Muscovy Kingdom Bestiary: Animals in the Heraldry of Moscow Rus’, Late 15th–17th centuries (Moscow, 2011), reviewed by R. A. Simonov
A. Miliutin, S. Bolushevsky. Seven Scientific Breakthroughs and 42 Other Russian Discoveries We Should Know About (Moscow 2011), reviewed by N. N. Shevliuk

Academic Life

N. A. Ashcheulova, V. M. Lomovitskaia. The twentieth anniversary of the International Schools of Sociology of Science and Technology
N. A. Ozerova, A. V. Sobisevich. Conference on “The Tikhvin Water System: 300 years since the initial conception, 200 years of exploitation”
S. S. Demidov. History of mathematics at the Eighth Congress of the International Society for Analysis, Applications and Computations (ISAAC)