2011 • № 1


The 300th anniversary of M. V. Lomonosov’s birth

V. M. Orel. S. I. Vavilov as researcher and popularizer of M. V. Lomonosov’s contributions to science
I. N. Yurkin. Factories, Lomonosov’s «collaborators»

From the history of science

I. E. Sirotkina. Biomechanics: Between science and art
G. I. Sinkevich. Wacław Sierpiński and the founding of the Warsaw school of set theory and measure theory

The social history of science

A. V. Kessenikh. Interactions and confrontations between physicists in the Soviet Academy of Sciences and in the universities, 1940–1960, and the 1953 «student revolt» in the physics department
G. V. Kiselev, V. V. Pichugin. An unknown page in the life of A. I. Solzhenitsyn

From the history of technology

D. A. Sobolev. The 100th anniversary of the aviation industry in Russia: Aircraft production, 1910–1917

Brief communications

I. V. Ovcharov. The contributions of the All-Union Electro-Technical Institute (VEI) to the development of infrared technology for military purposes: second half of the 1930s to the first half of the 1940s

Book reviews

N. F. Glazovsky. Selected works in two volumes. Vol. 1. Geochemical transport in the biosphere (Moscow, 2006); Vol. 2. Sustainable development of the biosphere (Moscow, 2009), reviewed by N. S. Kasimov, V. A. Snytko
D. I. Mustafin. Isaak Savelievich Mustafin (ed. A. I. Avrus and R. K. Chernova), Izvestiia of Saratov University. New series on «The professors of Saratov University») (Saratov, 2009), reviewed by P. D. Sarkisov
V. I. Onoprienko. Yuri Aleksandrovich Bilibin, 1901–1952 (Kiev, 2010), reviewed by O. A. Sokolova

Academic life

Yu. M. Baturin. A strategic perspective on fundamental science
G. I. Smagina. 20 years of the seminar on «Germans in Russia: Russian-German scientific and cultural ties»
Yu. V. Mamkaev. Kirill Mikhailovich Zavadsky – 100th anniversary of his birth
N. M. Semenov. A century of Russian aviation
D. A. Bayuk. The 2010 «Prosvetitel’» Prize for popularization of knowledgeand its laureates.