2011 • № 3


The 300th Anniversary of M. V. Lomonosov’s Birth

E. A. Tropp, E. P. Karpeev. The physics, chemistry, and astronomy of M. V. Lomonosov
O. A. Aleksandrovskaia. Chemesov and Lomonosov: The portraitist and his subject

Social History of Science

A. V. Kuteinikov, V. V. Shilov. Automated Management Systems for the Soviet Union: A 1959 letter from A. I. Kitov to N. S. Khrushchev

From the History of Technology

V. G. Gorokhov. Technology and mathematics (from the history of the theory of mechanisms and machines)
Yu. M. Baturin, D. Yu. Scherbinin. Photographic and film technology on board Russian manned spacecraft, 1961–2000

Lessons from History

V. V. Temny. Forty years of scientific collaboration with France in space research
A. I. Razdorsky. Technology for the production of light alcoholic beverages in 17th century Russia (materials from drinking house records of the city of Vyazma)

Materials for the Biographies of Scientists and Engineers

N. S. Altshuler, A. L. Larionov. Biography of S. A. Altshuler, correspondent member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, as told by himself

Museums and Institutions

G. G. Grigorian. Museums’ interpretation of the history and philosophy of technology as an appropriate answer to the challenges of the 21st century

Discussions, Meetings and Interviews

«Contemporary science comes close to demonstrating how similar we are to God» (interview by E. L. Zheltova with S. Fuller)

Brief Communications

N. I. Tarantin. From the particular to the general, or once more on the birth of the name «Tokamak»
A. A. Kuritsyn, I. G. Sokhin. The history of manned orbital complexes and the analysis of their future perspectives and development

Essay Reviews

K. O. Rossianov. Between freedom and slavery: Is it possible to consider Soviet science as a «special case»?
E. A. Kulish, I. I. Mochalov, V. I. Onoprienko. One in the field… is still a soldier

Book Reviews

G. E. Kurtik. The starry sky of ancient Mesopotamia. Sumer-Akkadian names of the constellations and other heavenly bodies (St. Petersburg, 2007), reviewed by E. V. Antonova, G. Yu. Kolganova
H. Glück, Y. Pörzgen. Deutschlernen in Russland und in den baltischen Ländern vom 17. Jahrhundert bis 1941. Eine teilkommentierte Bibliographie (Wiesbaden, 2009), reviewed by G. I. Smagina

Academic Life

Yu. E. Shustova. Conference on «Scientific literary culture in Rus,» in honor of the 80th birthday of R. A. Simonov
N. M. Semenov. History of technology at the Fourth International «World of Buses» Festival
N. V. Chechel, M. V. Shleeva. VIIth Research and practice conference «History of Technology and museums»