University museums in prerevolutionary Russia

University museums existed in all thirteen state universities in Imperial Russia. Most typically, they were disciplinary museums in fields such as zoology, botany, geology, natural history, numismatics, antiquities, fine arts, as had been envisioned by the university statutes of 1804, 1835, 1863, and 1884. Some museums came into being as results of thematic exhibitions (Ethnographical, Anthropological, Polytechnic, and Geographical at Moscow University) or the activities of an individual scientist (the D. I. Mendeleev memorial museum at St. Petersburg University). Many museums outgrew their immediate function of assistance in instruction to become nationally important repositories with rare and unique collections. Some of them hosted or inspired the establishment of scholarly societies, such as the Society of Naturalists, that organized expeditions to help enrich the museum’s collections, and provided institutional spaces for research.


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, University museums in prerevolutionary Russia, Voprosy Istorii Estestvoznaniia i Tekhniki [Studies in History of Science and Technology], , p.  136-155

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