From Moscow to Sevastopol: A. G. Kolesnikov and his path in science

The paper reviews the life and work of A.G. Kolesnikov, a prominent researcher of the ocean and the second Director of the Marine Hydrophysical Institute (MHI), his work as the Head of the Department of Marine Physics and the Physics of Inland Waters at the Faculty of Physics of Moscow University, and analyses his role in the relocation of MHI from Moscow to Sevastopol in the early 1960s as well his leadership style as Director of MHI. His contribution to the development of the ocean science is examined: thus, the field and theoretic studies of the then newly-discovered Lomonosov Current in the Atlantic Ocean were carried out under his leadership and awarded the State Prize in 1970. Kolesnikov’s remarkable contribution to science was the automation of ocean studies, the creation of a new area of marine science instrumentation. The studies on the turbulence of marine and oceanic deep waters by Kolesnikov were of particular importance as well as attracting the international community’s attention to the inadmissibility of nuclear waste disposal onto the sea- and ocean-bed. The Academicians V. I. Belyaev, B.A. Nelepo, and A. S. Sarkisyan as well as other prominent scientists have been his pupils.


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, From Moscow to Sevastopol: A. G. Kolesnikov and his path in science, Voprosy Istorii Estestvoznaniia i Tekhniki [Studies in History of Science and Technology], , p.  116-148

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